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Labeling Guide and Tips

Recommended Wine and Champagne Brands

When it comes to labeling your bottles with our exquisite designs, finding the right fit is essential. The key is to select wines or champagnes with straight bodies and high shoulders. One of our top recommended brands is Barefoot because it’s widely available in most supermarkets, and the majority of their varietals, including Cabernet, Merlot, and Moscato, share the same shape and size ideal for our labels.

Pro Labeling Tip:

Did you know that all our full-sized Champagne Labels work wonderfully on wine bottles too? This includes most Pinot Noirs, Chardonnays, and all the wine bottles we recommend. Even our Small Wine Labels are compatible with the brands we suggest.

We’ve taken the guesswork out of the labeling process by providing easy guidelines below and a comprehensive list of wine and champagne brands that pair seamlessly with our label sizes.

Label Height Matters:

Before selecting your bottles, it’s crucial to determine the height of your labels. We offer five different label sizes, each displayed below. Label height plays a vital role in ensuring a smooth application. Your bottle’s straight portion should be taller than your label to prevent any unsightly bubbling or crinkling during the labeling process. Labels that are too long for the bottle’s body can lead to bubbling at the top or bottom, or both.

Bottle Shape Preferences:

We recommend bottles with a smooth, straight body that maintains a consistent width from top to bottom, just like the example shown here. Most Bordeaux, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Sauvignon Blanc bottles, or similar shapes, are perfect for our labels. Champagne bottles resembling the shape of Veuve or Moët & Chandon are also excellent choices.

While our labels can work on certain bottles with a slight curve in the body (think La Marca Prosecco), achieving a flawless application may require advanced label placement skills. We recommend using curved bottles only if you’re comfortable with the possibility of minor bubbling or bunching on the labels. If you opt for a curved bottle, invest a little extra time and patience to ensure the labels go on as smoothly as possible.

Body Height Matters Too:

To prevent bubbling and wrinkling, it’s crucial that the straight portion of your bottle exceeds the height of your labels. Inadequate bottle body height is the leading cause of label bubbling. When in doubt, measure it out!

Label Size Guide:

Curious about whether a specific wine or champagne bottle will work with our labels? We’ve designed a printable label size guide for your convenience. Simply print, cut, and take a sample with you when you go bottle shopping.

Label size chart. By Luxury Icon Co.
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